Video Hosting Sites

Hosting Videos in Your Own Server vs Streaming Platforms

The moment you think about video hosting sites, YouTube, Wistia, and Vimeo are a few names to pop in your brain. Each one of them offers high accessibility and ease of use to its creators.

But as a content creator, don’t be surprised if you’re on the constant lookout for the best way to host your videos. It’s not always possible to feel free on a streaming platform when you’re tied down by stringent regulations and compromised storage spaces.

To top that, you also have to share your revenue with the platform for using their service. So, it can be frustrating to continue hosting videos on someone else’s property.

What if you could have complete control over your revenue and have the full claim of right?

For that to happen, it’s important to host videos in your own server – one that specializes in hosting videos. Here’s everything you need to know about video hosting sites.

Why host videos on a streaming platform?

Streaming platforms are made for videos. As a content creator, you only have to focus on making videos, editing, and uploading them.

The streaming service provider deals with any technical challenges of converting the videos, server bandwidths, and file size limitations.

You can simply focus on your creativity and growth.

Why host videos in your own server?

When you use streaming platforms, you give away your video’s exclusive right to the host.

While you can still use your work, you aren’t the only one who can do that, which means you have to share the revenue you earn from your own content.

If you want to sell your content as downloadable media and have total charge of your earnings, video hosting sites might just be what you’re looking for.

They offer you absolute privacy and control, so nobody ends up stealing your work. You enjoy complete creative liberty and get to decide what to show to the audience.

Although video marketing can be challenging, if you work with the right host, you can get around that, too.

Top 5 alternatives to traditional video hosting sites

Now, there are quite a few video hosting sites online but most of them are better used for embedding the videos and not actually hosting them.

Using such hosts demands you to compromise your monthly bandwidth and take up large resources.  

However, some video hosting sites offer great performance even when you host your content on them because they are designed for that. Check out these

1. Bluehost

Being one of the cheapest video hosting sites makes Bluehost more popular than its counterparts.

What’s great about this platform is that once you buy a Bluehost hosting plan, you can directly use Weebly – the integrated software – to build your site from scratch to start self-hosting your videos.

Depending on your plan, you can also enjoy unlimited storage space and high performance at cheap prices.

2. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has been awarded 2020’s BEST Video Host Service and rightly so.

According to the provider, about 97% of their customers recommend their hosting plans for their helpful customer service and affordable pricing.

Along with an incredibly user-friendly interface, they also have flexible management tools that make organizing your content a piece of cake.

3. Hostinger

Another one of the video hosting sites that are celebrated for being affordable and high performing, Hostinger has maintained stable bandwidth even in a crowded market.

In the past 7 days, Hostinger has upheld almost 100% uptime, besides the usual perks of a free website builder and daily backups. Every plan you buy comes with SSL certification, so you don’t have to worry about data protection.

Since Hostinger already allows users to do video marketing for their business, hosting your videos using this platform is easier for content creators.

4. InMotion

InMotion offers both shared and dedicated hosting to video content creators.

Although InMotion offers you a single source video hosting service, the provider, alternatively, recommends using FTP to embed URLs into your WordPress site to publish the videos to prevent the servers from overloading.

Additionally, you also enjoy a set of integrations such as a website builder, on-demand customer and tech support, and CMS software.

5. InterServer

The major difference between InterServer and Bluehost is that the former neither shocks you with sudden price increases nor do you have to worry about signing up for an annual contract.

You can pay for every month separately with the first 3 months priced at $1, and $5/month thereafter.   

With InterServer, you get unlimited data transfers, a solid uptime of 99.99% throughout the year, and a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

They also offer Windows and Mac VPS, which hosting services like Bluehost don’t.

How to use WordPress to set up a streaming website

Bluehost is a WordPress recommended hosting platform, it offers one of the most reliable and cheapest WordPress hosting, so it’s easier to set up a streaming website using Bluehost if you’re eventually going to choose WordPress.

Generally, there are two ways of using WordPress for hosting videos.

You can either embed the URLs from a streaming platform into your WP site or directly publish it into the server.

The former helps you store your videos in two places and create two revenue streams. However, your rights don’t remain exclusive.

The latter gives you full control of your income and you still remain the sole owner of your videos.

And if you’re worried about the loading time when self-hosting, choosing a good video hosting site can indeed help you maintain fast speed on your website.  

Alternatively, you can also use WordPress JetPack’s video hosting service if you want to avoid getting stuck with a low-speed content delivery network.

It’s ad-free and offers complete control to content creators.


Streaming platforms are definitely amazing, but they have their shortcomings. And the bigger each of them gets, the more complicated it will be for content creators to control their revenue and creative expression.

Many content makers are already tired of the policies and constant monitoring and are switching to self-hosting platforms. So, if you’re looking to make a change, find your host here at the most affordable rates and take charge of your content right away.